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NFPA Structural Collapse Rescue Level I / BGSU CRT Series

NFPA 1006,1670 Structural Collapse Rescue Level I:  This four day course exceeds NFPA and FEMA requirements.  Primary Objectives:  Building construction and collapse types and characteristics, Shoring Operations to include class I/II/III shores, Mechanical Shoring Systems with heavy emphasis on Paratech Rescue Systems, Breaching/Breaking/Burning, Scenario applications.  Students will be exposed to static environments as well as an acquired structure in a collapsed and dynamic state.  Breaching/Breaking/Burning will provide a wide array of tool systems and applications.

Daily Times: 08:00 - 18:00

Location: Washington Township Fire Department, Dublin Ohio and Off site locations.

To Register: Go to or contact Rescue Methods

What to bring... Students should bring rescue helmets, rescue gloves, eye pro, ear pro, tool belt, framing hammer, tape measure, torpedo level, marking utensil, speed square, half mask or particle filter mask, and steel to boots.