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NFPA Trench Level I and II combined / Marathon Oil


NFPA 1006,1670 Trench I and II combined.  This five day course exceeds NFPA requirements.  Primary Objectives: Trench characteristics, Hazard Management, Soil Assessment, Atmospheric Assessment, OSHA and NFPA requirements, Shielding, Shoring, Victim Packaging, Victim Removal, Straight Wall Trenches 8' deep, Deep Classification Straight Wall Trenches, Intersecting Trenches, Inside Wales, Outside Wales, Trench Bags, Lifting and Stabilizing loads, HDA's and Rigging, Scenario Applications.  Students will be exposed to static and dynamic trench settings and will utilize various shoring systems with a heavy focus on Paratech Rescue Systems.

Daily Times: 08:00 - 18:00

Location: Marathon Oil, Canton OHIO

To Register: Go to or contact Rescue Methods

What to bring... Students should bring rescue helmets, rescue gloves, eye pro, ear pro, tool belt, framing hammer, tape measure, torpedo level, marking utensil, and steel to boots.