Cutting Edge Solutions

 At Rescue Methods, it is our mission to provide the finest quality training to highly motivated individuals. We have traveled around the globe bringing our philosophy and passion for rescue training to different parts of the world. Coupled with our extensive online catalog of videos, the lengths we are able to reach are unlimited.



Rescue Methods has made it easy for you to get the instruction you need from the convenience of your PC, Mac or smart device through quality training videos online. The Rescue Methods YouTube Channel offers free videos on a wide range of topics. With a paid subscription to Rescue Methods Premium you will have access to The Fire, Rescue and Fitness Channels as well as a host of product demonstrations and videos for popular blogs and trade publications.

Direct Delivery

We bring the training to you! Rescue Methods will send a group of skilled and knowledgeable instructors to your location. Whether it be Swift Water, Trench, Structural Collapse or any other rescue discipline you are interested in taking to the next level, we've got you covered. Contact us today to set up your RM Direct Delivery.